Seattle (Washington, USA)

Key Arena



  • 01. City of Blinding Lights
  • 02. Beautiful Day
  • 03. Vertigo
  • 04. Elevation
  • 05. Gloria
  • 06. The Ocean
  • 07. New Year’s Day
  • 08. Miracle Drug
  • 09. Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own
  • 10. Love and Peace or Else
  • 11. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  • 12. Bullet the Blue Sky
  • 13. Running To Stand Still
  • 14. Bad/Ruby Tuesday
  • 15. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
  • 16. Where The Streets Have No Name
  • 17. One
  • 18. Zoo Station
  • 19. The Fly
  • 20. Mysterious Ways
  • 21. All Because Of You
  • 22. Original Of The Species
  • 23. Vertigo

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Setlist traditionnelle pour un 2ème soir…mais…mais…OUI ! Vous ne rêvez pas, 2ème interprétation de ‘Vertigo’ pour conclure le show !!
Première disparition de ’40’, mais pour un final aussi rock, ça devait en valoir la peine


Vertigo Tour - Leg 1 - Amérique du Nord
Première partie : Kings of Leon

Key Arena

L’équipe de basketball des Supersonics (NBA) connait bien cette salle puisqu'elle y réside. Depuis l’inauguration de la salle, la KeyArena a accueilli plus de 130 concerts dont ceux de Pearl Jam, Elton John et Aerosmith. Dans cette salle se sont déroulées deux finales de la NBA (en 1995-96).

Date d'ouverture : 1995
Capacité pour les concerts : 17 000 places
Site web :


U2 ne s'est encore jamais produit dans cette salle. Lors des tournées précédentes dans cet Etat, U2 a joué à Tacoma le 12 avril 2001 (Elevation Tour leg 1) et les 20-21 avril 1992 (Zoo TV Tour).
En 1997, U2 est passé par le Kingdome de Seattle à l'occasion du dernier concert américain du Popmart Tour (12 décembre).


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J’ai très très hâte de l’entendre ce concert !!!!
Ouhaou !!

Alan D

Yeah, U2 is pretty good I guess…

What an amazing show at the Key Arena! First night I was up in the nose bleed, but this show I was GA. My friends and I arrived at noon and ended up being 85th in line. Not too bad. I printed off my membership profile from, but realized it didn’t matter. My friend and I walked around the arena, hoping to catch Bono and the band entering. We found the gate around 1, we were first ones there, and another young woman joined us shortly there after. After leaving and returning, the crowd began to grow and grow and grow to about 75 people when about 4:00 Bono’s body guard announced he would be there shortly to meet and greet. We were all excited.

To our surprise, the Edge arrived first, signed autographs and shook hands. He was very humble and in good spirits. Bono was next, and much more the rock star persona, but still very down to earth, even answering my friends silly question of what is his favorite animal (The Bear and Emu was the response, Bono then joked that he is the Papa Bear). With autograph in hand, my day was just getting started!

My friend’s brother was let into the Bomb Shelter, but we were able to get a great spot up against the crowd barrier in front of the catwalk. Security let us know that Eddie Vedar would be playing with the Kings of Leon, a nice surprise. Felt bad for all those people who decided to skip the opener! As U2 was coming on, it was fun to see Paul McGuiness standing next to me in the passage way to the Bomb Shelter. He seemed to be excited as well.

U2 performed at their peak. Gloria was an immediate show stopper, one I had longed to hear since my early days as a U2 fan (all of 7 years ago, I am still a newby). Miracle Drug again had a wonderful introduction by Bono, expressing his excitement at how God can use science to do amazing things. He also talked about how the Northwest is the 21st century. Yeah, I already knew that. Apparently Bill Gates is sharing Bono’s dream about AIDS and Africa (as well as sharing his house in Medina, where Bono stayed while in Seattle).

The highlight for me, as has been mentioned in other reviews, was the boy being pulled on stage. I love that U2 is focusing on the idea of youth in this tour, playing songs from Boy and talking of innocence and hope in the future. When Jason, the 10 year old boy, was pulled on stage, it was an emotionally charged statement. This kid was so excited about life at this moment, singing along with the biggest rock star in the world. Bono was obviously overwhelmed as he walked and hugged the boy, seeing himself in the child (even joking about the kid’s name being Paul).

Streets is amazing on this tour again. The idea of Africa being the new proving ground for civil rights is awesome, from the bridge at Selma to the mouth of the Nile, from the Louisiana swamp land to the high peaks of Kilimanjaro. Everyone, everyone. My friend and I pulled out our South African flag at this point and held it aloft, and although Bono didn’t choose to wave it, he spent a good portion of the song standing next to us, spot light on the flag (if anyone has a picture of us with the flag, PLEASE email me! I’d love to see/hear how it looked).

I was a bit disappointed that the Encore started out the same as the first Seattle show, but then it got amazing! My favorite song off the new album is Original of the Species, and hearing it live was amazing! They did a fantastic job. And ending with Vertigo, the crowd was more energized during the last song than any other point in the show! I loved Yahweh and 40 the night before, but it didn’t compare to the energy of this last song.

Great show.
The band seemed to love it, seeing Bono and Adam do the whole bull fight routine (and only inches from me) was so fresh and impromptu, just a snap shot of the entire night. Can’t wait for Portland!


Moi !!!
J’ai tjs dit que les concerts de Seattle sortiraient du lot !


Mon rêve à San Diego était qu’ils jouent Vertigo 2 fois… une au début du concert, sa place normale, et une à la toute fin…

Et bien voilà, il fallait aller à Seattle, qui l’eut cru ? ;)


Comments: For the second straight show, ‘Miracle Drug’ is dedicated to a local girl named Jennifer whom Bono says is ill. Bono brings a young boy named Jason on stage during ‘Sometimes.’ They hold hands as Bono sings the song to Jason, who is also mouthing the words. It’s an incredibly emotional moment, and tears stream down Bono’s face as he sings the song as if singing to his own son. Bono sings ‘Mysterious Ways’ to ‘sexy Adam’, and the two do a brief duel at the tip of the ellipse. Reminiscent of U2’s earliest shows, ‘Vertigo’ is played a second time to close the show


A force de voir les set lists évoluer, on espère tous vivre un momen exceptionnel lors de NOTRE concert, et l’attente devient difficile de peur de rater le meilleur concert. Je crois que j’ai tort de suivre au fur et à mesure les concerts les uns après les autres, on se fait une image du concert type que l’on aimerait voir. Bravo à Néophobia mais d’ici Paris on connaîtra la moindre note de chaque morceau et la moindre lumière… Vais je résister à ce site génial….


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